A governance system of, by and for its users

Humanity Unchained DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization running a semi-direct democracy algorithm on the blockchain by which the citizens of the DAO can, either through a direct or a delegated vote, collectively interact with any smart contract. This allows the DAO to, for example, trade its own assets or upgrade its own smart contracts.

The only prerequisite to join the DAO is proving to be a human. This is to guarantee the 1-person-1-vote principle. For that, the DAO members must first register in Proof of Humanity. This is in contrast to other tokens, cryptocurrency protocols or fiat currencies, which are based on some form of tokencracy or Proof of Wealth.


The DAO owns a reserve of its native token, the HUD, of which the DAO has full control. This allows the DAO not only to pay delegates and for outsourced services, but also to implement justice enforcement by locking or forcibly transfer HUD tokens if the DAO collectively decides so. The value of HUD is therefore linked to the quality of its governance as perceived by the market.


Governance evolved


Anyone can join the DAO as a citizen and/or as a delegate. The only prerrequisite is to prove to be a human. This is needed to preserve the 1-person-1-vote rule. Members of the DAO are free to submit and vote proposals, regardless of their scope or implications.

  Unlocking humanity's potential

Any member of the DAO can submit proposals. How would you like the world to be? Imagination is our only limit. Your influence and contributions to the DAO solely depend on how much engagement from the community you and your ideas reach.


Unelected supranational organizations, poweful lobbies, opaque foundations, highly influencial individuals, etc. are a potential source of governance manipulation and corruption in the legacy governance systems. By maximizing governance decentralization, HUD prevents the very centralization flaws which the current system is architectured upon.


As any other smart contracts running on a blockchain, the DAO's execution is verifiable and immutable. Its code can be audited by anyone. Proposals, which are blockchain transactions, can also be verified.

  Free software

Humanity Unchained DAO is Free and Open-Source Software. You are welcome to copy the source code of this project, modify it and use it in any way you want :).


Current governance systems are based on coertion. In contrast, Humanity Unchained DAO is based on free choice, as anyone is free to join or leave the DAO, propose changes or even create a new DAO altogether.


How to join Humanity Unchained DAO


Claim your digital identity at

Wait for your PoH profile to be approved

Once approved, your profile needs to be copied over Polygon's blockchain through an oracle. This process is triggered by the DAO periodically, so your PoH profile should be available in HUD shortly.


Once your human identity has been proved, you can register as a citizen and/or as a delegate through the web app.

Engage with the community in the forum. Share your ideas, submit proposals and more.


You can earn HUD tokens by:

Work for the DAO. Check the forum for any available jobs.

Referring a friend and being referred by a friend.



A free market of decentralized governance systems

Humanity Unchained DAO (HUD) is intented to be the pioneer of new wave of DAOs serving as an alternative to the monopolistic legacy governance system run globally. In its core, HUD is a technological tool for human syndication with economic incentives. Analogously to Bitcoin's intent of disrupting the monopoly by the banking system of transferring and storing value, DAOs such as HUD will provide humans with the ability to choose, freely and peacefully, their governance system from a new market of governance systems in the virtual and physical worlds.

Under this new market, what governance system a human is under would not be determined by geographical or coercive constrains. Instead, humans would be able to not only choose their money system but also, and most importantly, their governance system. This is of paramount importance at this point in history, as the abuse of emerging disruptive technologies such as Central Bank Digital Currencies, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering, and others, is becoming a threat of unprecedented proportions to humanity's freedom.

As in any free market, the efficacy of the DAOs self-adjust through economic incentives. The demand from humans for the services provided by the DAOs would increase as people's discontent with the imposed legacy governance system grows. These services would range from better public services to stronger protection of civil rights and individual freedoms.

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